Wood shaving set
Wood shaving set
Wood shaving set
Wood shaving set
Wood shaving set

Wood shaving set

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High Quality Shaving Sets / Kit With Silvertip Badger Hair Brush and Shave Stand Blade Razor For Shaving Gift Set.

Item specifics:
  • Item Type: Shaving 
  • Material: Wood Silvertip Badger Hair & Wood Metal Handle
  • Holder Base: Non-Slip Rubber Pad
  • Size: 14.5x4cm
  • Gillette Blades Fits Razor
1x Shaving brush
1x Shaving holder
1x Razor
How To Care For Your Brush.
1. Shampoo the brush in warm water before the first use. Use the same shampoo that you use to wash your hair. Some also like to use a conditioner. 
2. NEVER boil your brush.
3. Never press the brush into your skin. This will break the badger hair. Instead stroke it sideways, like a painter's brush.
4. Wash the brush well with warm (not hot) water after each use.
5. Flick the brush to remove as much water as possible after each use. You can also gently stroke it on a dry towel.
6. Never store the brush on its base (yes, we know they are flat). Instead use a brush stand so the remaining water can move away from the base of the hairs.
7. To avoid mildew, do not store the brush in the medicine chest between uses. Instead place the stand on vanity top to allow proper air circulation.
8. If you use a brush in a travel kit, be sure to take it out to dry thoroughly upon your return.