Titanium ‘Cross’ Carabiner

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  • Each Keyring/Carabiner is individually cut from a sheet of solid Grade 5 (6AL 4V) Titanium using precision Electrical Discharge Wirecutting (EDW) technology.
  • Our “Cross” design brings a powerful and emotive design into everyday life – balancing the Carabiner and Keyring functions without compromising meaning.
  • Each piece is acid washed, then hand ground before being tumbled for 24 hours in rocks and a special solution and then re-finished on all surfaces by hand to create the burnished surfaces.
  • Approx: Length 5.1cm * Width 3.2cm * Thickness 5mm
  • Approx: Length 2 inches * Width 1.25 inches * Thickness 0.19 inches

The Bico Keyklipz ‘B’ Series transforms the standard EDC Carabiner design into shapes and styles that become wearable fashion while preserving all of the functions of a standard Every Day Carry Carabiner.

This is the perfect Keyring/Carabiner for carrying your everyday keys and EDC tools – strong enough to be depended on for normal everyday use.

The iconic designs we have chosen have been optimized for function, but each has its own ‘personality’ and a particular way to be used: an adventure waiting to be enjoyed!