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The Comics Code Authority was an organization established in 1954 to make comics more kid-friendly, but in addition to cutting down on violence and gore they also decided to enact an outright ban on werewolves in an attempt to discourage the horror genre. Marvel eventually got around this rather bizarre artistic barricade by developing slightly skewed takes on the wolf-somethingcombo. The best example of this was Sauron, a were-pterodactyl from the Savage Land who debuted in X-Men No. 60 in 1969.

In 1971 the code was–thankfully, for all your lycanthrope lovers–revised and werewolves were allowed to be included in comic book stories as long as they related to the ‘classic’ tradition of the gothic literature of authors like Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Conan Doyle.

Messenger bag size: 32cm W X 25cm H X 10cm D

- Adjustable shoulder strap 
- Double cross stiching on the strap 
- Zipped main compartment. 
- Pocket on the front 
- Fits A4 folder 
- Made from high quality faux leather/ PVC