The incedible Hulk face messenger bag

The incedible Hulk face messenger bag

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Comic collectors, stop reading this and go grab your copy of New X-Men No. 118.

Back? Cool. Now see how many times you can see the word “sex” in the issue. Quick warning: It won’t be easy to spot. The word “sex” is concealed within the illustrations at least 18 times. That’s pretty much one on every page. Some of the places to look include hair strands, bottles of whiskey, a hedge, a puddle, tree branches and protest signs.

Artist Ethan Van Sciver said he included the lewd mentions in the book because Marvel was doing his head in at the time, and he decided to have a bit of a laugh.

Messenger bag size: 32cm W X 25cm H X 10cm D

- Adjustable shoulder strap 
- Double cross stiching on the strap 
- Zipped main compartment. 
- Pocket on the front 
- Fits A4 folder 
- Made from high quality faux leather/ PVC