Official Star wars stormtrooper pop! Pin badge

Official Star wars stormtrooper pop! Pin badge

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Contrary to what many fans believed after the prequel trilogy, stormtroopers are not clone troopers. The clone soldiers that were created on Kamino aged more quickly than other humans and died prematurely, and so, the clone troopers had been replaced by Imperial stormtroopers, who were recruited and trained at Imperial Academies.

The clone troopers were in Revenge of the Sith and executed their primary mission, Order 66, but not long after, they began to be replaced. The television show Star Wars: Rebels confirms that the clone troopers were phased out before A New Hope. Many stormtroopers receive training for their role from the time that they were children.

Official license. USA import
Made from metal

Size: 3.3 x 3.3 cm